A downloadable game for Windows

Game Jam Theme: "Just 3 Buttons"


  • Cute & Gore, Racing/Shooter Co-op;
  • "MadMax” setting while having a friendly environment and cute animals - blood spews out when they die :(
  • One Player drives the car ruthlessly, while the other controls the weaponry;
  • Many objectives in the Arena, such as Hunting The Lion, Surviving The Elephant Herd, or running over chickens;
  • Mix your Vehicle + Weapon layout, Destroy your opponents, & Be the surviving duo!

Combined Mayhem! made by:

  • Daniel Aires (3D Artist)
  • Diogo Ferreira  (Developer)
  • Hugo Moreira (3D Artist & Environment Designer)
  • Miguel Frazão (Developer)

Level not present in the game (sadly we ran out of time)


CombinedMayhem.rar 386 MB

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